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Sourcing Agricultural products in Madagascar

Service sourcing en produits agricoles ou sourcing en matières premières : grains secs, épices, légumes, huiles essentielles à des prix compétitifs à Madagascar.

Madagascar is a world-famous reference to the quality of its agricultural products on the international market. For example, vanilla, cocoa, lychees, etc. Of Madagascar are reputed to be of better quality all over the world.

This brand of excellence provokes a massive infatuation of several importers and traders from all over the world, coming to stock up in Madagascar.

In order to be able to find better products at less expensive prices, On the Malagasy market, using a local product sourcing agent in Madagascar is a Solution.

Only, sourcing is a painful, tedious process And demands great mobility in order to meet the peasants Producers, collectors, farmers ‘ cooperatives, found in most of cases in very remote areas of the Big Island.

Each year, the team of agents in Mada, travels the various regions of Madagascar to meet the peasants, cooperatives of producers and collectors and to test their products thereafter.

This operation allowed us to build a database of product suppliers Agricultural, rich and reliable.

We entrust the sourcing and the purchase of your foodstuffs in Madagascar will allow you to take advantage of several advantages including:

  • Guarantee the quality and quantity of the products
  • Price competitiveness (direct purchase from producers and base collectors)
  • Securing Your Orders
  • Processing your order as soon as possible
  • Good responsiveness of our team in terms of communication

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Why Choose Agent in Mada as agent to negotiate your purchases of Agricultural products in Madagascar?

Agent In Mada has been able to create a very practical platform Producers and buyers, from the harvest to the buyer’s warehouse.

Farmers, collectors, cooperatives like to work with the team Agent in Mada

Our service of Sourcing of agricultural products in Madagascar allows farmers, Farmers, peasant cooperatives and collectors to make sales of their own Products at the best price, without going through intermediaries.

This allowed us to create a certain relationship of Trust with our partners and suppliers.

Buy raw materials in Madagascar at affordable prices

As for the buyers, we offer them products of Quality, collected directly from producers, cooperatives, etc. To some Unbeatable prices.  The quality of Products that will be delivered to them is quite reliable.

By using our agricultural sourcing service in Madagascar, producers and buyers find their accounts.

Sourcing of agricultural products in Madagascar, List of products we Ensure supply

Different types of agricultural products can be found in Madagascar, depending on the periods. So here is a list of the products we offer you to provide:

Cereals, pulses and dry grains Spices and condiments Vegetables and tubers Fruits and Nuts Other Products
Corn Vanilla Onions Tamarind Honey
Red Rice Coffee Garlic Nuts of Cashew Raffia
Peas of Cap Pepper Black Carrots Peanuts Wax Bee
White Bean Clove Apple of Earth Cocoa Plants Medicinal
Bean Red Cinnamon Cassava   Oils Essential
Beans Black Eyed Beans Ginger Potatoes Sweet   Articles Crafts
Peas of Bambara        

One or more Products in this table interest you? Feel free to take Contact with us. Our team will be pleased to offer you its Best offer and will answer all your questions

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Importing agricultural products from Madagascar, when to buy?

The period of culture in Madagascar is spread in November Until April of the following year. Harvest starts in May and may extend to October.

So if you want to buy products in large Amount, you will have to start making contact with us from the months of February and March of each year.

This will allow us to be a certain step ahead and Set up a good sourcing strategy with the best Suppliers.

Agent in Mada, facilitates your purchases of vanilla in Madagascar, as well as Other spices such as cloves, peppers, coffees at the best prices

Madagascar’s Bourbon vanilla pods are considered to be Number one on a global scale, in terms of quality.

With unique taste and aroma qualities and The big companies covet all the vanilla pods of Madagascar which now become the most sought after in the world.

Madagascar’s vanilla is rich, dark and creamy, with A sweet, buttery aroma.

Madagascar’s bourbon vanilla pods are well Suitable for many recipes of pastry, beverages and desserts.

You plan to buy vanilla directly at Madagascar?

Agent in Mada, thanks to its extensive network of preparers, Farmers ‘ producers, collectors and cooperatives offer you its service of Vanilla Sourcing in Madagascar, at a cheap price.

In fact, our service will allow you to get in touch Directly with these bodies and to benefit from the best quality products At the best prices, without going through intermediaries.

Whether you are looking for gourmet black vanilla from 14cm 20 cm long, vanilla brown or vanilla TK, vanilla Red for industrial or even vanilla split, our team of Vanilla sources in Madagascar will guide you to the best products. For your needs in vanilla and other spices Madagascar, contact Agent In Mada. We will offer you the best Solutions for sourcing vanilla and spices at interesting prices.

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Use Agent in Mada to take care of your cocoa bean purchases, Cashew nuts and peanuts in Madagascar

When it To buy cocoa, the one in Madagascar is probably the best in the World. The same is the same for cashews.

Why buy cocoa in Madagascar

Having always Trophy in its path, the quality of the cocoa in Madagascar is World renown and several chocolate companies confirm this.

Agent In Mada helps you save money on your cocoa purchases in Madagascar. In Effect, we are in direct contact with the producers, collectors, Preparers in the region of Sambirano, the cocoa capital of Madagascar.

This To have an advantage over the price, on the exclusivity of the products, Avoiding any intermediary on the market.

The different types of cocoa available in Madagascar

that you Be looking for cocoa criollo, cocoa trinitario or even cocoa Forastero, Agent In Mada can lead you to the best producers and Preparers who offer excellent products at an unbeatable price.

Two types Of cocoa are available in Madagascar:

Top quality cocoa or premium from Madagascar

The cocoa of High quality goes through a long fermentation process that can go Up to a month.

At the end of Fermentation and drying, the highest quality cocoa has a Humidity less than 10%, a mould rate of less than 3% and a rate of Less than 3% broken.

For this Product category, it is necessary to count 90 to 100 grains for 100 grams.

Ok Of course, the price of quality cocoa is significantly higher compared to The other type of bean, which is locally called standard cocoa.

Standard quality cocoa from Madagascar

Cocoa Standard is obtained after a process of fermentation and drying less long and less complex. Finished products can be available from 7 Days of fermentation and drying.

Whatever it In any case, the standard cocoa still retains good quality and good Texture as well as a good dose of aroma.

How to buy cashew nuts and Madagascar peanuts?

The Nut of Madagascar’s cashews and peanuts are also excellent products Quality. They exist in less large quantities and their harvest is Times a year only. This is the reason why these products are very Coveted.

The crops of cashews and peanuts in Madagascar start from the month of June of each year. In order to benefit from the best prices, it is therefore already Be present in the market one month before this period. This makes it possible to achieve The necessary steps to farmers, collectors and cooperatives.

Agent In Mada puts at your disposal its know-how and its availability for you Assist in all your cocoa, cashew and food supply projects Peanut in Madagascar

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Take advantage of Madagascar’s good legumes, cereals and dry grains To supply you with the best prices

Madagascar is a land rich in Agricultural products. As early as April of each year, the harvest begins to Be done. Cereals such as maize or red rice from the Madagascar, dry grains, etc. are as many products as you can buy In large quantities in Madagascar at this time.

Buy yellow corn and white corn in Madagascar as early as April of Each year

Wanted for the manufacture of Various end products: beers, corn, etc. Corn is a product that You can buy in large quantities in Madagascar. The peculiarity of these Products lies in their quality.

In fact, peasant farmers who Are the main producers use 100% natural fertilizers, lacking of any chemical additive. As a result, the products are organic, keeping All their texture.

Don’t forget that prices Which you will find, through our service, will be among the most attractive.

Are you looking for black-eyes beans, cornilles or cowpea, in great Amount?

If you are looking for this Product, Agent in Mada knows the best place to buy it at Madagascar.

Our address book made up of Direct producers, cooperatives, collectors of black eyees beans SE Found to be very provided. As early as April of each year, we receive Already contacts of suppliers looking for potential customers to buy their products.

And from experience, this technique Guarantees you to buy products at the best prices and especially without spending by intermediaries.

As for the quality of the products, you will find different sizes of black eyes beans, ranging from 300 pieces/100 g to 600 pcs/100g.

Upon delivery, you will receive Well-dried, cleaned, sorted products (free from broken grains and Imperfect) and all conditioned according to your requirements.

So, contact Agent In immediately To ensure the sourcing of your purchases of dry grains, legumes and Cereals in Madagascar.

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You are looking for vegetables in large quantities for needs Recurring: onions, garlic or tubers? Call on Agent In Mada

For you Importers in the Indian Ocean islands, this could be the solution Ideal for you.

Many Indian Ocean imports from far away countries such as India, China, Australia, South Africa, etc. To buy apples of land as well as other vegetables.

Know that Agent In Mada can assist you in all your steps during your supplies vegetables, garlic, onions and tubers in Madagascar.

Our Service will be even more favorable if you want to import these products In large quantities.

Indeed Agent in Mada’s vegetable sourcing consultants go directly to Farmers to buy the products. Then we treat Products according to the required conditions and standards.

You will benefit Of all the advantages, because in the end you will make purchases of products of Premium quality, at really competitive prices, Agent In Mada saving You Any intermediary.

So, if You are looking for the products listed below is that you have Need to collaborate with Agent In Mada:

  • Apples of land
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Carrots
  • Cabbage and cauliflower
  • Small peas
  • Pumpkin
  • Beet

Please Contact us directly if the products you are looking for are not in That list. We will do a specific search for you.

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You plan to buy raw materials in Madagascar, but do not know who to contact? Agent in Mada can help you, do not hesitate to contact us