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Intellectual property protection in Madagascar

Use Agent In Mada to manage your rights and the protection of your intellectual property, the registration of your trademarks, trade names and designs with OMAPI in Madagascar.

According to Ordinance No. 89-019 of July 31, 1989 and Decree No. 92-994 of December 2, 1992, OMAPI or the Malagasy Intellectual Property Office is a body in charge of administering intellectual property and promoting inventions in Madagascar.

Madagascar is still a land of opportunity and therefore offers several growing markets.

Many companies come here every year to set up their factories or market their products.

As you know, commercial activity is not immune to malicious acts: brand name theft, counterfeiting, etc.

As a result, legal and compliance risks related to intellectual property must be managed even more diligently than before in order to fully benefit from the fruits of your invention.

Agent In Mada, composed of several agents who are professional representatives of OMAPI Madagascar, offers to assist you in your efforts to file and protect your intellectual property in Madagascar: trademark, trade name, patent, surveillance, etc.

Filing and registration service in GOPI of your intellectual property in Madagascar

The trademark application procedure with OMAPI Madagascar may take from six months to a minimum of one year depending on the situation of each trademark.

The validity period of a trademark or trade name application or any other invention and intellectual property registered with OMAPI Madagascar is 10 years.

Agent In Mada, thanks to its team of professional representatives at OMAPI Madagascar, assists companies in carrying out all their procedures relating to intellectual property in Madagascar, including filing your trademarks in Madagascar, trademark registration, trademark surveillance, prior art searches, renewal of registration, trademark transfer, drafting licensing agreements and representing your company before OMAPI.

Our commitment extends to the registration of your intellectual property in the OMAPI Official Gazette of Intellectual Property (or GOPI), where all IP titles issued by OMAPI are listed.

In addition, Agent In Mada provides trademark protection services in Madagascar as well as other IP rights, whether before the courts or in other dispute resolution proceedings.

In Mada Agent Tariff, documents to be provided and services provided for a trademark and patent application and registration in Madagascar

Fixed price of 500 euros / per brand
Services included in this package
Package for 3 classes
Request for information
Search for prior art
Filing a trademark application
Issuance of registration certificate
Payment of official fees for the request
File progress report

The documents to be provided for a trademark application are: 

  • 1 request for information
  • 1 request on plain paper + logo
  • Research fees + filing fees
  • Form n°9 in 3 copies
  • Reproduction of the brand in 7 copies

A project to register your trademark in Madagascar?

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Trademark, design and design surveillance service at OMAPI in Madagascar

This service aims to keep a permanent watch on your trademarks as well as those registered by other companies, to keep you informed that: 

  • Your competitors do not use your brand or copy it illegally without your knowledge
  • Your customers are not mistaken by a brand similar to yours. Which will decrease your sales, in significant ways
  • You can enjoy your intellectual property rights and investments, while monopolizing the market with your brand

Our brand monitoring approach in Madagascar

This is a service offered for a period of one year, renewable each year. During the contract, our professional representatives at OMAPI Madagascar will regularly check with OMAPI to see if there is an embarrassing mark that could endanger yours.

When our OMAPI professional representatives detect a suspicious brand, which could conflict with yours, we will immediately inform you and then advise you on the best actions to take to face your competitor.

an amicable resolution of the problem has not been found between the two parties, our lawyers specialized in intellectual property law in Madagascar can take over to enforce and protect your rights before the court.

Tariff for trademark surveillance, models and drawings at OMAPI Madagascar

This is a service offered in the form of an annual subscription

Annual fixed price of 250 euros / per brand
Services included in this package
Package for 3 classes
Selection of brands that may be in conflict
Monitoring report of detected marks
Recommendation of actions to be undertaken
Payment of official fees

Have your brands and those of your potential competitors monitored!

Contact Agent In Mada

  • +261 34 46 001 77
  • agentinmada[@]gmail.com
  • +261 33 13 702 01
  • landrymada
  • +261 33 13 702 01

Trademark anteriority search service with OMAPI Madagascar

An essential prerequisite for any project to register your trademarks with OMAPI Madagascar, the anteriority search consists in carrying out a search for trademarks identical to the one you would like to register with OMAPI.

Our service consists in searching for trademarks, trade names, etc. that may hinder your trademark registration project in Madagascar.

We also look for brands that are similar to yours, in order to avoid any nuance.

This precaution is taken to alert you to the risks you will incur when you register your trademark at OMAPI. It helps you to be better equipped to deal with possible conflicts.

Package of 150 euros / per brand
Services included in this package
Package for 3 classes
Selection of brands that may be in conflict
Research report
Payment of official fees

Tailor-made services on demand, offered by Agent In Mada, in relation to the protection of intellectual property at OMAPI Madagascar

Agent In Mada offers a wide range of services, in order to offer you complete services during your trademark protection project with OMAPI Madagascar.

In addition to the services mentioned above, our team of professional representatives at OMAPI and our lawyers specialising in intellectual property law are at your service. It offers you tailor-made services, which are tailored to your needs and requests.

This way, you can call on our service if your needs concern:

  • Renewal of trademark registration
  • Registration of a trademark transfer
  • Registration of trademark modification
  • Licensing registration
  • Legal advice and studies on intellectual property protection in Madagascar
  • Development of various types of contracts: licenses, assignments, confidentiality agreements, etc.
  • Handling and management of disputes relating to your trademark: unfair competition, counterfeiting, opposition, etc.

In this part, it is about on-demand tariffed services. If you would like to know more, contact us and let us know what you are looking for. Our team will be pleased to offer you the best intellectual property advice in Madagascar as well as our best pricing.

Contact Agent In Mada

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  • agentinmada[@]gmail.com
  • +261 33 13 702 01
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